Jesse Roffel

Game Engine Programmer

Main Experiences

C++ 11/14/17

Most experienced in and being used in most of my projects

Unreal Engine 4

Multiple small team projects written in C++ and blueprinting


A few team projects written in C#


Collaboration with variant team sizes

Preffered Roles

Engine Programmer

Network Programmer

Gameplay Programmer

Tool Programmer

About me

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Many years of active scripting experiences with modding communities such as Roblox, Garry's Mod and using it as en embedded scripting language.

Worked with the Development Kit 1 and 2 at the R&D deparment to find new ways to have a person improve their intake performances.

Assisted porting an existing medical solution to the Windows Phone using the WinJS framework. Using the phone's camera to create images of prescriptions.

Created a mobile game using primarily the Samsung Gear VR Touchpad controls and having a person select options by looking at them.


  • C++ 11/14/17Proficient
  • Unreal Engine 4Experienced
  • C#Experienced
  • Unity 3DExperienced
  • Perforce / GitExperienced
  • LuaExperienced
  • JIRALearning
  • JenkinsLearning

My technical skills have ranged from web-development towards game development. With this I have worked with a selection of programming languages, engine programmes and tools to assist me with producing games.


  • Teamwork projects 3 to 25 persons
  • Selfexplanatory code
  • Quality Assurance
  • Iterative development
  • Acting upon and giving feedback
  • Pro-active
  • Assisting others
  • Willing to learn
  • Flexible with tasks
  • Reliable with contributions

With projects I have been on my own and in teams with different sizes that contained people with different roles and divisions. I have received feedback as person that assists others, reliable, flexible, active in the team and make meaningful and helpful contributions to the projects.


Currently following the Bachelor Creative Media and Game Technologies as a Programmer. This course focussed on self-development and team based projects including Game Producers, Designers, Programmers and Visual Artists. During this program I am focussing on the programming language C++ and decide on a specialisation.

MBO degree Game Developer certificate achieved at November 2016, during the four years of this education I learned assets related to game development, web-development and application development. Creating my own websites, (mobile)applications and C#/C++ game projects.


Other Projects