Jesse Roffel

Looking for internship as C++ Game Engineer


My current portfolio pieces of projects I think showcase my contributions and experience as a programmer the most. These are all made in teams in which I will highlight what I created.

About me

Starting off when I was fourteen with scripting in games, I loved to create experiences for friends and later for bigger audiences. After some background with web/app development I switched towards gameplay programming.

Getting intrigued by the inner workings of hardware, I have switched towards game engine, networking and hardware programming. Creating tools and scripting integrations on the side. I’ve programmed my own small systems and used engines along the way.

Preferred toolset

20 Projects

3 Years

4 Projects

1 Year

5 Projects

1 Year

10 Projects

2 Years

25 Projects

5 Years

Bachelor education

Currently I am third year programmer following a Bachelor International Creative Media and Game Technologies with programming as it's direction at the Breda University of Applied Sciences where I expect to graduate in 2021.

During which I plan to apply for an internship and future job to further expand my knowledge in programming and create functionality and experience for others.

Tech Skills

Main programming languages inclusing scripting languages where C++ is my main language with all other languages assisting me in creaitng tools, aid me with development or provide scripting accessibility.

For most projects in teams game engines are used in which Unreal Engine 4 has been the main focus. Next to working with Scrum practices I'm familiar or experienced with other development tools.

Windows has been the main platform for most projects but over the years I have worked on projects that had multiple target systems. Mainly targetting entertainment games, others for experimental or practical solutions.


  • Teamwork projects 3 to 25 persons
  • Self-explanatory code
  • Quality Assurance
  • Iterative development
  • Acting upon and giving feedback
  • Pro-active
  • Assisting others
  • Willing to learn
  • Flexible with tasks
  • Reliable with contributions

With projects I have been on my own and in teams with different sizes that contained people with different roles and divisions. I have received feedback as person that assists others, reliable, flexible, active in the team and make meaningful and helpful contributions to the projects.

Other Projects

There are more projects I have worked on, which range from self development projects, older projects that aren't as relevant anymore and stuff I fiddled around with.

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